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AD Code and IFSC registration at Inland Container Depot Tughlakabad

AD Code and IFSC Registration at Inland Container Depot

AD Code and IFSC registration under the respective customs pot is necessary to fulfill your Export obligation. Every exporter is required to get themselves registered at the requisite port (ICD) in order to dispatch their export consignment through online mode.

ICD TKD Delhi customs

Exporters who are availing the services of third-party couriers like FedEx, DHL, etc. have to register themselves on every port from where the shipment has to be dispatched via a third-party courier.

Inland Container depot

Registering of AD Code and IFSC registration under different ports also depends upon the size of the consignment i.e., Full Load Container (FLC) or Half Load Container (HLC). The various port under different cities across India offers FLC or HLC. Exporters have to apply for AD Code and IFSC Registration under that particular port accordingly and to adhere to the documentation process.

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Though the whole process of getting the AD Code registration in ICD TKD Delhi Customs is online today, many Exporters face various issues while filing the AD Code registration application online due to server issues, internet issues, digital signature issues, or other related issues.

In that scenario, Exporter can personally visit the Container Corporation of India Limited, Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad, New Delhi – 110020, or they can hire some professional in order to get the AD Code registered at ICD TKD.

container corporation of India Limited

For AD Code Registration, visit at 1st Floor, and in the case of genuine exporters, they are accepting AD Code registration applications in offline mode. Required documents can be submitted on the ground floor in Daak Ghar.

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Try using Internet Explorer or Mozilla for the purpose of AD Code and IFSC Registration.

Documents required for AD Code and IFSC Registration

1Request letter for Registration of AD code in the respective ICD on company’s letterhead.
2Ad Code letter from your concern Bank mentioning the IFSC code
3Authority Letter in case someone else is applying on your behalf on the company’s letterhead.
4Self-attested copy of Import Export Code (IEC)
5GST Registration Certificate
6Copy of Income Tax Return for the last three years – director/Partner/proprietor
7Self-attested copy of Last 3 months Current Bank Account
8Residential proof of director/partner/proprietor (electricity or telephone bill)
9Copy of company PAN
10Copy of PAN of the Directors/partners/proprietor
11Aadhar card / Voter card of the director/Partner /proprietor
12Copy of Deed, MOA
13Board Resolution

How to Apply for AD Code and IFSC registration “ONLINE”

Step 1: Get yourself registered on ICEGATE.


Step 2: Log in to your ICEGATE Dashboard.

icegate login

Note 1: If you do not know about the AD Code branch, you can refer to the below process

Registration Services > AD Code Details > Select Bank > Search

Note 2: Do not forget to update the ICEGATE profile prior to applying for AD Code registration.

Home > Account Services > User Profile > Modify

1Personal and ICEGATE Email ID
2Digital Certificate
3ICES Locations
4Scanned copy of Aadhaar
5Scanned copy of Authorization letter on the letterhead of the company/ agency
6Scanned copy of License
7Mobile number

Step 3: Upload Documents

Home > Filing Services > e-Sanchit

Steps to Upload the Documents on the e-Sanchit

  • Click on the Upload documents option and upload the requisite file
  • Click on Upload after selecting the file
  • Enter all the required information in relation with the document.
  • Select the document type from the drop-down option for each uploaded file and finally select submit button in order to generate the IRN for the selected file.

The user is required to Logout from the e-Sanchit portal in order to get back to the ICEGATE Dashboard.

Step 4: Add Location of ICD to your Profile

add location

Home > Account Services > User Profile > Modify > Add Location > Select Custom Location (In case of multiple addition press CTRL and select the desired locations

Step 5: Submit Application

Submit your online AD Code registration application by using the IRN generated in Step 3.

How to Add Digital Signature to documents?

Click on the Digital Signature on the ICEGATE website as shown in the below image and download the Common Signer utility to digitally sign the customs documents.

digital signature
digital signature utility

Users can also download Advisory, Pictorial Guide, and Process documents in relation to digitally signing the customs documents



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