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Know the procedure to file a TDS claim on Flipkart – TDS Reimbursement

Selling on Flipkart? Are you a deductor in the case of Flipkart? Have you Issued Form 16A yet? If yes, then you are just one step ahead of getting your TDS reimbursed. Know the procedure to file a claim TDS on Flipkart.

Filing a valid TDS Return and generating TDS Certificate i.e. Form 16A from TRACES Website is just not enough in getting your TDS reimbursed in case you are a seller on Flipkart.

Steps to File a TDS Claim on Flipkart

Step 1:

Login to your Flipkart dashboard. On the extreme right corner side adjacent to your name, you can see the three dots. Click on the dots to select “Contact Seller Support”.

file a tds claim on Flipkart

Step 2:

Under Ask for Assistance, the online seller has to select “Payments” as shown in the image below.

claim TDS on Flipkart

Step 3:

Payment section is further categorized into various queries such as: –

  • SPF related queries
  • Payment related complaints
  • TDS related queries
  • Commission invoice request/ query
  • Payments General queries/ Clarification
  • Rate card related queries/ complaints
  • TCS related queries
TDS reimbursement on Flipkart

Deductor has to select “TDS related queries”.

Under Assistance, you will see the popular queries in relation to TDS. Select “File a TDS Claim”.

File a TDS claim on Flipkart

There are three ways to file a TDS claim on Flipkart, you can also view the Past filed TDS claim status here.

Option 1:

Fastest mode (Upload “Digitally Signed” signed Form 16A)

It is the fastest mode of getting your TDS payments in your registered bank account. The seller can get their TDS reimbursed within 5 days from the date of the upload of the claim.

Uploaded Form 16A should be the original one that has been generated and downloaded from the TRACES website.

Flipkart will accept digitally signed or e-signed Form 16A in PDF format for the purpose of TDS claim under option 1.

Uploaded Form 16A should be Flipkart specific i.e. it should not contain any other party details.

As soon as you will upload the Form 16A you will get to know the following details: –

  • TDS you have paid to the government as per your documents under various applicable TDS sections
  • Final payable amount on this claim i.e. how much Flipkart has approved from the claimed one.

Finally Submit request.


In some cases, you may see that amount under the various TDS sections may differ, that may be because of many reasons such as the online seller has miscalculated the expense under a different section of TDS or maybe the rate that has been applied is not as per the latest amendment, etc.

In that case, you need to reconcile the data as per your record with the latest applicable amendment under the income tax act in relation to the TDS provisions for the respective assessment year.

Option 2:

If you do not have “Digitally signed Form 16A”, Flipkart gives an option to get it done within a few minutes by following certain steps in order to get Form 16A to digitally sign. Just follow the link as shown in the image.

Option 3:

If the online seller does not opt for any of the above options, in that case, the seller can send the hardcopy of Form 16A to the address given below.

As per Flipkart, it is a very slow and unreliable process, that can take up to 45 days to process the claim and to make the payments.

Option no 3 is not a suggestable option as per Flipkart. If the seller wished to go for the hardcopy of Form 16A, it has to follow a certain procedure.

They have to upload the Form 16A that was downloaded from the TRACES website. Any modification in that PDF will not be accepted.

Note: Images or any word file that was converted into PDF format, will not be an acceptable document for filing a valid TDS claim on Flipkart.

Form 16A should be hand-signed and it has to be delivered to the given address within 7 days from the date of filing of TDS claim on Flipkart, otherwise, it will be considered as an invalid claim. In that case, the seller has to file a fresh claim.

Flipkart Address as on 9th October 2020.

TDS Team-Seller Support, Flipkart Internet Private Ltd, Alyssa, Begonia, Clover Embassy TechVillage, Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru East Taluk, Bengaluru District, Karnataka – Pin Code: 560037

In case your TDS claim gets rejected, you need to contact the Seller Support to know the reason(s) for claim rejection.

Is there any time limit for filing Claim of TDS on Flipkart?

Yes, Seller need to be particular about the date(s) for claiming such TDS for the respective Financial Year.

As per the Flipkart guidelines, the TDS Claim for any previous financial year can be raised on or before September 30 (of the current financial year). Raising it after this date will lead to the rejection of the claim.

Example: TDS for the financial year of 2019-2020, can only be raised till September 30, 2020.

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CA Devesh Thakur



  1. Sir, I have been facing an error on uploading Form 16A to portal. Actually, I have downloaded the Form 16A and then verified it with DSC using TDS utility tool. However, when I uploading the form 16A on the Flipkart portal, it’s showing an error as ‘please upload the original form 16A pdf from traces’. Kindly help asap.

    • Dear Vishal,
      Originally DSC signed Form 16A downloaded from the TRACES website is acceptable on the Flipkart portal. However, if there is any modification, the same will not be acceptable.


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