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How to download B2B – Business Customer Invoices on Amazon

B2B Invoices are an important aspect of GST Return. Reporting and accounting of the same are important for every online seller. If you are a seller on Amazon India, here is the process to download your B2B Invoices on Amazon India.

Correct and timely reporting of B2B Invoices will give an edge to every online seller comparing to its peer group.

Amazon India provides MTR reports to every online seller on a monthly basis that are segregated between B2C and B2B reports.

MTR reports are available in Excel format that can be used for filing the GST return and to do proper and full accounting one must be having B2B Tax Invoices in his/her possession in support of any business transaction.

B2B Invoices on Amazon India can be downloaded either by searching the particular order ID and then download the Tax Invoice order wise taking MTR reports as a base or one can download all the PDF of the B2B Invoices with the below-mentioned procedure.

Follow the below procedure to download B2B Invoices on Amazon India:

Step 1:

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central India Dashboard using a unique ID and Password.

amazon seller central india

Step 2:

Navigate to “Orders” from the main menu and select “Manage Orders”.

manage orders on amazon

Step 3:

Under “Manage Orders” the seller has to select the “Sent order” option among various options available such as Pending orders, Unshipped Orders, and Cancelled orders.

amazon sent orders

Step 4:

From the left-hand side menu from the filters option, the seller has to select Business Customer. Click on the check box.

Business customers on amazon

Step 5:

Now that the filter has been made for Business Customers next thing to do is to select the date range or the custom period for which you need the Tax Invoices.

business customer

Step 6:

The portal will display you with the list of all the Business customer order that has initiated during the selected custom date range.

business customer print tax invoice amazon india

Click on the Print Tax Invoice from the Action against each order and save the PDF at the desired location.

Documentation of every Tax Invoice/ Business Customer order is a necessary document to support your sales figure filed by you under the GST Return.

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