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Communication between GST Buyers and Suppliers on the GST portal

How to remind your Buyers/Supplier regarding the filing of GSTR-3B/GSTR-1/Other Issues in order to comply with the GST Act and Rules.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has made compliances much easier still there is a need for communication between GST Buyers and Suppliers in order to comply with GST rules and Act.

GST common portal has provided an option to the registered taxpayer for communication between GST Buyers and Suppliers.

Follow these simple steps in order to communicate with the GST buyers/ Suppliers on the GST common portal

Analysis and Reconciliation of GST Liability and Input Tax Credit


Login to your GST common portal dashboard. Navigate to Services, the User Services, and select “Communication between taxpayers”.

communication between taxpayers


Following options are available under the “Communication between taxpayers”:

  • Inbox – Notification and Reply received

Every message received by the taxpayer either from the Recipient or from the supplier, will get a notification in this regard that contains a new message and reply received against their communication.

  • Compose: Every taxpayer can reach their buyer as well as supplier in order to fulfill the GST compliance.
  • Outbox – Notification, and Reply sent

Every outgoing message will be stored under outbox and the reply sent against the query of either buyer or supplier can be seen under the outbox.

  • Download CSV template

Rule 36(4) Adjustment of Total Shortfall of Input Tax Credit

GST communication between taxpayers


Reach out to your supplier or buyer by using the “Compose”:

Notification toSelect either Supplier or Recipient
GSTINProvide GSTIN of Supplier or Recipient
Trade/ Legal NameTrade/Legal Name will get automatically displayed after entering the GSTIN of the respective party
SubjectSpecify the reason to communicate with the taxpayer
Reminder for Filing GSTR-3B/GSTR-1Taxpayers can select the financial year, return period, Form Type for which they want to communicate with the taxpayer. Add record if there is more than one return period or financial year for which communication is required.
Document DetailsUnder this taxpayer has to select the Action required for communication:
(a) File Missing Document
(b) Rejected – Amendment Required
(c) Rejected – wrongly sent to me
(d) Re-uploaded document
(e) payment made
(f) Others
Document Type and other related detailsSelect document type as Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note and provide other related basic details.
Recipient/Supplier RemarksElaborate your query (maximum up to 200 characters) in context with the above-mentioned document number.

All about Reverse Charge Mechanism – RCM under GST

reminder for filing gst returns
documents details for communication between taxpayers
recipient remarks reason to communicate taxpayer

CSV template

csv template

The sent message can be seen under “Outbox” and the reply received from such supplier will get notified and the same can be seen under “Inbox”.

Non-Transmission of Export Invoices, IGST Refund got stuck due to SB errors

gst outbox communication with taxpayers


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