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GST 2factor authentication process under e-way Bill and e-invoice system

How to register for GST 2factor authentication process under e-way Bill and e-invoice system

The goods and Services Tax (GST) department has introduced a 2factor authentication process in order to access the e-way bill system and e-invoice system more effectively and efficiently in a more secure environment.

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As of now to gain access to the e-way bill system and e-invoice system the user was required to have their username and password. Now after the introduction of 2factor authentication the OTP (One time password) will also be required for authentication of user Login.

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National Informatics Center has prescribed three modes through which OTP generation can be done for authentication of the login process.

SMSUsers can get the OTP at their registered mobile number.
Sandes AppThe user has to download the sandes app that provides user services for sending and receiving messages.

The user has to download this app only on the device in which the registered number is there in order to receive the OTP.
NIC GST Shield AppAnother app that users can use for the generation of OTP in order to authenticate login under the e-way bill system and e-invoice system is the NIC-GST shield app.

To download the app, a user has to get the link from the e-way bill or e-invoice portal from the main menu. Users should install this app on their registered mobile number and get themselves registered.

The user should confirm whether the time displayed in the app is in sync with the e-way bill or e-invoice system. This app provides the generation of OTP without having any internet connection i.e., OTP can be generated using the app only.

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For the registration process kindly follow the steps as shown in the below images.

alert on 2 factor authentication
2factor authentication under gst registration
register for 2 factor authentication
gst 2factor authentication
otp sent for 2factor authentication
successfully registered for 2factor authentication

After successful registration, the 2factor authentication will be applicable to the e-way bill system as well as to the e-invoice system.

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However, if the user wants to get themselves de-register from 2factor authentication then the same can be done from the option that is available under 2factor authentication as shown in the image above.

As of now, this facility is not mandatory but sooner it will get mandatory for all the users using the e-way system and e-invoice system.



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