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How to download GST Invoice and other reports on PayPal

PayPal business account generates the following reports on the basis of your transaction across the globe. These reports are available to you in order to judge your performance as well as to fulfill your statutory requirements in terms of accounting and taxation.

Below are the Reports available in your business PayPal account:


Under Insights you will be able to see all the payment methods i.e. Total Sales, including fees, from all payments for goods and services. Total doesn’t include refunds.

Amounts that are reflected in the report are estimates based on your most recent currency conversion rate.

Users will get sales insights based on their time zone. If your PayPal account is based in another time zone, in that case, your daily sales data will vary accordingly and it may reflect partial data for the most recent day.

The insight will show you the Top countries by sales and you can see the reports for the past 7 days to the last few months to the last financial year or you can select the custom period for which you want to see the reports.

The graphical representation will show you the progress over a period of the year. Another aspect under insights can be seen as Transactions i.e. Total count of completed transactions along with graphical representation from a year ago.

Users can also see the average selling price i.e. Average order value is the average amount spent each time a customer places an order on your website along with the progress from a year ago.

The insight will also show you the reports about New customers in comparison with the returning customers.

New customers are those who made their first purchase within the selected time range and the returning customers are those who used PayPal when purchasing from you previously.


You can download your monthly reports that will contain your consolidated payments details including fees, chargebacks, and refunds in any currency used.

The monthly statement will get automatically generated in PDF format by the 10th of the following month. Reports are available in PDF and CSV format.

Custom report will provide you the data from previous financial year also.

Value-added tax report will provide you the details pertaining to your business transaction that includes the total value of payment towards received goods, services, and the associated tax details.

For Indian clients, the said information is also submitted by the concerned authority to the Indian tax authorities.

Know more about: TDS on PayPal Invoice

Goods and Services Tax statements/ GST statements are available to the business use by the 3rd of each month to comply with their statutory obligation.

GST statement is also available in PDF and CSV format. You can download your PayPal commission invoices for the current as well as for the previous periods.

    Activity download

Are you looking for your sales data for tax filing purposes? Then use the activity download tool to organize and prepare your sales data for tax time.

You can customize your sales data reports with variants such as time period selected, format, and field. You can fetch the data for the previous 3 years.

Other benefits would be you can perform periodic reconciliation, you can determine your taxes and fees accordingly.

The activity report is a detailed/ comprehensive report. Users can select the type of transaction that to be included in the report such as All transactions, completed payments, and balance affecting.

Date range includes the period for today, yesterday, to past 6 months to the custom period.

Reports are available in CSV, TAB, PDF, QuickBooks (IIF), Quicken (QIF – USD only)

    Financial summaries

You can see your monthly sales summary including fees, disputed activity, transfers, purchases, and other account-related activity containing beginning and ending balances.

Monthly sales will reflect the quick overview of your monthly transactions or will help you to review your daily details.

Report can be generated in the following currencies:






    Disputes and chargebacks

You can create a report for all your cases such as open cases, waiting for a response, closed cases, and the cases covered by seller protection.

Case reports will contain the details of disputes, claims, and chargeback cases that are associated with your business account.


Transactions reports contain settlement reports in which you will get the details of each transaction that is associated with your business PayPal account.

Under transaction finder, you can search for any specific transactions associated with your business account.

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