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How to file GSTR-3B for amazon sellers

Important aspects related to GSTR-3B for Amazon sellers

Are you selling on Amazon? If yes then you might find this blog very informative. In this, you (being an online seller) will get to know how to file GSTR-3B for Amazon sellers in the easiest manner by using Excel.

By CA Devesh Thakur

We will be using a PIVOT table in excel for generating data that we are going to use in filing GSTR3B.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to file GSTR-3B in case of the online seller (Amazon)

Step 1:

Understand the requirement of GSTR-3B. What exactly GSTR-3B demands from us. After understanding the requirements we should proceed with the Data.

Details of outward supplies and inwards supplies liable to reverse charge
Details of outward supplies and inwards supplies liable to reverse charge
Interstate supplies in GSTR3B
Interstate supplies in GSTR3B
Details of ITC in GTR3B
Details of ITC in GTR3B
TCS Credit in GST
TCS Credit in GST

To know more about TCS Credit. Click Here.

Step 2:

Collection of Data

The most important step in filing monthly GSTR-3B in the case of an online seller is getting actual and full data for filing such a return.

Online sellers need below mentioned reports: –

  • MTR Reports (Merchant Tax Report) which includes B2C Reports and B2B Reports
  • Sales Return Report

Step 3:

Sorting of Data

We have to sort data as per the required format. Click here to download your excel file as explained in this video.

Step 4:

Consolidate your Data

Now you will have to consolidate all the three files which you have created (Sales Invoices, Cancelled Invoices, Returns Invoices)

Step 5:

Use of PIVOT Table

Apply the pivot table as explained in this video. We have attached the Excel file with “No” Data.

Step 6:

Gather your Eligible ITC

Online sellers can get their eligible ITC from various sources as explained in this video. The most important point to be considered while claiming the accurate ITC is to consider the Credit Note issued by the Amazon and the additional Shipping invoices issued by the Amazon.

Claim only eligible and accurate ITC

Step 7:

How to file GSTR-3B with the excel data.

GSTR-3B for Amazon sellers

Happy GSTR-3B filing.

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CA Devesh Thakur



  1. In your video you have not done any treatment for cancelled invoices. Those order ids must be removed from shipment if they are cancelled why to include it in sales invoice. Please clarify.

    • Dear Jatin,

      GSTR-1 in the case of Amazon is a comprehensive return. There is no predefined formula to file GSTR-1 in the case of Amazon. However, on various occasions we can use a Pivot Table. I will soon share the blog and video on how to file GSTR-1 in case of Amazon.

    • Dear Yogesh,
      You have to put the Sales amount exclusive of taxes in Column “X” in the excel format. You can get the sales amount exclusive of taxes from B2C ad B2B reports.


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