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How to pay your monthly GST Liability – Form GST PMT-06

How to pay your monthly GST Liability – Form GST PMT-06?

  1. Log in to your GST dashboard
  2. Create Challan – GST PMT-06
  3. Choose a reason for challan
  4. Select financial year and tax period
  5. Challan type – Fixed payment or Self-assessment basis
  6. Check your Ledger balance
  7. Details of Deposit
  8. Edit reason for payment (if required)
  9. Choose payment modes
  10. Pay the GST PMT-06 challan

Step 1: Log in to your GST dashboard

Log in to your GST dashboard by entering the unique ID and password.

GST dashboard

Step 2: Create Challan

Registered taxpayers can create challan using any of the options i.e. either click on “Create challan” as shown on your dashboard or navigate to Services then select “Create challan”

create gst challan

Step 3: Select reason for challan

Taxpayers are required to select the reason for making the GST payment i.e. they have to select the reason for challan from the available options

  • The monthly payment for quarterly return
  • Any other payment
reason for challan monthly payment for quarterly return

Step 4: Select FY and Tax period

Once you select the option “Monthly payment for quarterly return”, you will have to select the respective financial year and the tax period for which you are about to pay the tax.

QRMP scheme

Step 5: Select Challan Type

Under QRMP Scheme, there are two options given to the taxpayers for making the GST monthly payment.

  • 35% of challan (Fixed payment method)
  • Challan on self-assessment basis
Challan TypeInterest applicability
“Challan on self-assessment basis”Interest will be levied as per law in case of payment made through other than 35% challan
“35% challan”Interest shall not be levied for the selected tax period if payment is made by the 25th of the next month.

To know more about QRMP Scheme, IFF, PMT-06, opt-in & opt-out. Click here.


Please select “Monthly payment for quarterly return” where registered taxpayers who are filing their GSTR-3B on a quarterly basis and intended to make monthly GST payments for the first and second months of the respective quarter.

Step 6:Ledger balance

The taxpayer can view their “Electronic Cash Ledger” and “Electronic credit ledger” balance as on the date of making the payment.

GST Ledger balance

Step 7: Details of Deposit

After thorough computation of monthly GST liability taxpayers can enter the details of liability towards CGST, IGST, CESS, and SGST.

details of deposit gst challan pmt-06

Step 8: Edit reason for payment

Before making the final payment, the GST system also provides an option to Edit the reason for making the payment.

If you desired to do so, click on Edit reason, then the system will redirect you to the page where it earlier asked you to choose the reason for making the payment.

edit reason for payment of gst

Step 9: Choose payment option

GST portal has given taxpayers the following payment options whereby you can make such payments.

  • E-Payment – over the interest using the net banking
  • Over the counter – whereby taxpayers can pay over the counter of the respective bank.
  • NEFT/RTGS – taxpayer can use NEFT/RTGS instead of directly using net banking as available in option (a) above

In the case of NEFT/RTGS, taxpayers are supposed to log in to their respective bank net banking option and under e-payment of taxes, they can make the payment by entering the details available on the challan Form GST PMT-06 as shown in the below image.

GST challan generated successfully

Form GST PMT-06 payment challan is valid for 15 days from the date of generation of the challan. If the taxpayer somehow is not able to make a payment between the allotted time period, they have re-generate the challan.

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  1. Very informative & illustrative article. Can you explain, how to change reason for payment after making payment in PMT 06? Does portal allow it?


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