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How to check the status of Income Tax – TDS – TCS Challan Paid

Income Tax Challan Status

On various occasions, taxpayers have to discharge their Income Tax Liability via Challan for eg. Self-Assessment Tax, TDS, TCS, etc. Here is the procedure on how to check the status of Income Tax – TDS – TCS Challan paid for the respective assessment year.

Step 1:

Visit NSDL website

Step 2:

Tax Information Network (TIN) of Income Tax Department has provided an option to view the status of Challan for the taxpayers either through CIN Based option or with TAN based.

Oltas challan status inquiry how to check income tax challan status

CIN Based

CIN refers to the Challan Identification Number or we can say the Challan Serial Number. Taxpayers can check the status of their tax payments by entering the CIN and the amount of the said challan which is optional in nature.

Filing of ITR under the seventh proviso to section 139(1)

By entering such information, the taxpayers can view the below mentioned details:

BSR Code of collecting BranchFor eg. 0242465
Challan Tender Date/ Date of DepositDD-MM-YYYY
Challan Serial NumberDD-MM-YYYY
Major Head Code with descriptionFor eg. 0021 – Income Tax
TAN/PANTAN will be displayed in case of TDS challans PAN in case of other than TDS challans
Minor Head Code with descriptionFor Eg. 300 – Self-Assessment Tax
Assessment YearRelevant AY
Name of TaxpayerXXXXXXXXX
Received by TIN onDD-MM-YYYY
Status of AmountMatched/ Mis-matched
challan status for tax payers how to check income tax challan status


In the following below mentioned cases, Financial Year will be shown where Assessment Year is displayed:

  1. Securities Transaction Tax – Major Head (0034)
  2. Other Taxes and Duties on Commodities and Services – Major Head (0045)
  3. Banking Cash Transaction Tax – Major Head (0036)  
  4. Minor Head (800) – TDS on Rent of Property/ TDS on Payments to Residents Contractors and Professionals.
challan status for tax payers how to check income tax challan status self assessment tax

TAN Based

In case taxpayers opt for viewing challan details via TAN, they will have to enter the TAN and challan tender date range for the respective financial year.

challan status query for tax payer how to check tds challan status

By entering such details, the taxpayers can view the following details:

CIN (Challan Identification Number/Serial Number)5 Digit for eg. 24925
Challan Tender DateDD-MM-YYYY
Received DateDD-MM-YYYY
Major Head CodeFor eg. 0021 – Non-Company Deductees
Minor Head CodeFor eg. 200
Nature of PaymentIn case of TDS eg. Payment of contractors and sub-contractors
TDS challan status

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