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ITR-3 AY 2020-21 Individual: Computation of Total Income, Surcharge, Interest, and Tax Payable

In this edition of Income Tax Return (ITR) AY 2020-21, we are going to discuss ITR-3 AY 2020-21: how an Individual can calculate their Total Income, Tax Liability including Surcharge, Interest under section 234A, 234B, and 234C having professional Income, House property Income, and Other Income.


Mr. A has earned the following income for the year ended 31st March 2020. Determine the Total Income and the tax payable for the financial year 2019-20. ITR-3 AY 2020-21

  • Income from house property – Rented property Rs.4,44,000/- and has paid house tax on the same for Rs. 17,880/-
  • Interest on a home loan – Rs.3,29,000/-
  • Income from Profession – Rs. 1,33,16,580/-
  • Income from saving bank account(s) – Rs. 1,05,000/-
  • The life insurance premium paid for Rs. 2,51,210/-
  • Tuition Fees paid for Child 1 – Rs. 3,65,000/-
  • Premium paid for medical Rs. 76,500/-
  • Dividend earned Rs. 12,152/-
  • Interest earned on PPF – Rs. 1,85,000/-
  • Advance tax paid on the following dates
15/06/2019Rs. 8,00,000
15/09/2019Rs. 8,00,000
15/12/2019Rs. 8,00,000
  • TDS for the financial year 2019-20 – Rs. 19,25,000/-

Computation of Total Income of Mr. A for the financial year 2019-20

Income from House Property (Chapter IV C)    -30716
Income from House property444000    
Annual Rental Value u/s 23  444000  
House Tax Paid17880    
Deduction u/s 24(a)127836    
Income from Business or Profession (Chapter IV D)    13316580
Income and Expenditure account Profession     
Income and Expenditure account  13316580  
Total  13316580  
Income from Other Sources (Chapter IV F)    105000
Interest from Saving Bank A/c  105000  
Gross Total Income    13390864
Less: Deductions (Chapter VI-A)     
u/s 80C     
Tuition Fee365000    
u/s 80TTA (Interest from Saving Bank Account.)  10000  
u/s 80D (payment Rs. 76500/-)  25000  
Total Income    13205864
Round off u/s 288 A    13205860
Income Exempt u/s 10    197152

ITR-3 AY 2020-21: Deduction u/s 10AA,35AD, 80H to 80RRB (except sec.80P) not claimed hence AMT not applicable.

Computation of Tax payable, Surcharge, and Interest for AY 2020-21 (ITR-3)

Tax Due3774258
Exemption Limit :2,50,000 
Tax on (5,00,000 -2,50,000) = 2,50,000 @5% = 12500 
Tax on 5,00,001 To 10,00,000 = 5,00,000 @20% = 1,00,000 
Tax on 10,00,001 to 1,32,05,864 = 1,22,05,864 @30% = 36,61,759 
Total Tax = 3774259 
Surcharge @15%566139
Health & Education Cess (HEC) @ 4.00%173616
Advance Tax2400000
Interest u/s 234 A/B/C11,340
u/s 234A (5 Month) Rs. 9,450 
u/s 234C Rs. 1,890 [0+0+0+1890] See Note1 below 
Round off u/s 288B200350
Deposit u/s 140A200350
Tax Payable0

Interest calculated up to December 2020, Due Date for filing of Return July 31, 2020

Due date extended to 31/12/2020 88/2020/ F. No. 370142/35/2020-TPL DT. 29.10.2020

As per the notification, In case tax payable exceeds Rs. 1.00 Lac, due date for the purpose of interest u/s 234A has not been extended.

How to calculate Interest u/s 234A, u/s 234B, u/s 234C and Fee u/s 234F

Note 1:

Interest calculation u/s 234C

S. No.Installment PeriodTotal Tax DueTo Be Deposited (In %)To Be Deposited (In Amount)Deposit AmountRemaining Tax Due(Round off in 100 Rs.)Int Rate (In %)Interest
1.First (Up to June)25,89,01315.003,88,3528,00,000-4,11,60030
2.Second (Up to Sep)25,89,01345.0011,65,05616,00,000-4,34,90030
3.Third (Up to Dec)25,89,01375.0019,41,76024,00,000-4,58,20030
4.Fourth (Up to March)25,89,013100.0025,89,01324,00,0001,89,00011890
 Total      1890

Note 2:

Details of Exempted Income

S.No.ParticularsAmount (Rs.)
1Interest on PPF1,85,000
2Dividend From Shares12,152

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