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All about ITR-1 offline utility AY 2021-22

ITR-1 AY 2021-22

Income Tax Department on 3rd April 2021 has launched ITR filing offline utility for ITR-1 and ITR-4 for the Assessment Year 2021-22.

Who can file ITR-1?

ITR-1 can be filed by the resident Individuals (other than not ordinarily resident) whose total income for the current financial year i.e., FY 2020-21 is up to Rs. 50 Lakh and having income from salaries, one house property, other sources (including interest income, etc.), and agricultural income up to Rs. 5,000/-.

Filing of ITR under the seventh proviso to section 139(1)

Who are not eligible to file ITR-1?

Individual who is either a Director in a company or has invested in any unlisted equity shares or in a case where TDS has been deducted u/s 194N (where the assessee has withdrawn cash from banks above the specified limit as stated in the section 194N), or if income tax is deferred on ESOP.

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How to download JSON utility/ offline utility for ITR-1?

Income Tax Computation AY 2021-22
How to compute Income Tax Liability as per the Normal Provisions vs New Tax Regime as per section 115BAC.

Visit the Income Tax website. Navigate to “IT return preparation software”, click and download ITR-1 JSON utility.

ITR1 AY 2021-22 cadeveshthakur how to file itr1 ay 2021-22 income tax return form ay 2021-22 download

As of now the JSON utility is compatible with Windows only.

Make sure you should have an updated JSON utility on the date of filing the Income Tax Return for the AY 2021-22.

The downloaded utility is in Zip format. Un-Zip the folder at the desired location. Run the .exe file that has been extracted under the said folder.

In case of any validation error, the taxpayer can refer to the validation rules as specified by the CBDT. [CBDT e-filing ITR-1 Validation Rules]

Font and light effect of the offline utility can be adjusted and it will also show the assessee whether the offline utility is connected online or not.

How to file ITR-1 for AY 2021-22 using Offline utility?

Follow these simple steps to file your Income Tax Return form ITR-1 for the AY 2021-11:

Step 1:

Run the .exe file and press continue in order to proceed with ITR filing. As of now, Income Tax Department has issued a JSON utility that is compatible with Windows only.

In order to proceed with Income Tax Return filing for AY 2021-22, the taxpayers should also download the following two files that can help you in the ITR filing process:

(a) Click on the XML/JSON scheme for ITR-1 AY 2021-22 and download the validation rules that can be helpful in case any validation error occurs.

JSON scheme

(b) Login to your Income Tax Department dashboard, navigate to “My Account”, then download a file with the name “Download Pre-filled for AY 2021-22” that will help you to fetch the previous data in the offline utility.

ITR1 AY 2021-22 cadeveshthakur how to file itr1 ay 2021-22 income tax return form ay 2021-22 download pre-filled for AY 2021-22

Save the pre-fill JSON file at the desired location on your system.

Download Prefill JSON file on your system ITR1 AY 2021-22

The time you will save the JSON file on your system, the Income Tax Portal will show you the message regarding the generation of your JSON on your PAN that can be used to pre-fill the details in your ITR1 AY 2021-22 offline utility.

By default, pre-fill JSON will get downloaded in your system’s “Download folder” unless the taxpayer will provide any specific path to save such file.

This downloaded JSON zip file is to be uploaded to your ITR offline utility in order to proceed further.

This pre-filled data is as per the details available with the Income Tax Department that is subject to the taxpayer’s independent verification.

Step 2:

Open your ITR-1 AY 2021-22 Desktop utility. In order to proceed further, click on “File Return”

ITR1s for AY 2021-22

As of now the offline utility has following three tabs:

  1. Returns
  2. Draft Version of Returns
  3. Pre-filled Data

Under the Draft version of returns, the assessee can search the saved version/file that the assessee wants to continue with.

income tax return itr draft utility

Pre-filled data also provide the option to the assessee to select the JSON file that is relevant for the current year Income Tax Return filing.

Allowable deduction from salary as per section 16 of IT Act

On continuing the return filing it will ask you whether you want to “Import pre-filled data” that already has been saved by you on your system in JSON format and it can be used to prefill the information required for Income Tax Return filing.

To import the pre-filled data the system will require the PAN of the assessee and the relevant assessment year for which the Income Tax Return filing is to be done and click on “Proceed”

to import your pre-filled data please provide the below information to proceed further

Income Tax Returns – Import Pre-fill Data

The taxpayer is required to upload the JSON file that has been downloaded from the Income Tax portal.

Do not unzip the said, user has to uploaded the zip file only.

upload prefill JSON file

On successful uploading of JSON file, the system will show you the success message “Import prefill JSON file successfully”

ITR1 AY 2021-22 import pre-fill data

The offline utility will show you the basic details that have been fetched from the JSON uploaded files such as PAN of the taxpayer, Name of the Taxpayer, Assessment Year, and the date on which the said file has been imported in the offline tool.

income tax return form ay 2021-22

The taxpayer is required to select the status applicable to them in order to proceed further.

taxpayer status

The taxpayer is required to choose an ITR form for AY 2021-22 in order to proceed further.

choose an ITR form to proceed

In order to clarify and remove doubt regarding which ITR form should taxpayers select, the Income Tax Department has provided an option to “Help me decide which ITR form to file” in the offline utility.

As of 17th April 2021, this feature is not yet activated, it will be activated sooner.

ITR1 AY 2021-22

If you know which ITR form you need to file for AY 2021-22, choose the desired ITR form in order to proceed further.

ITR-1 filing is a three-step procedure

Step 1: Validate your Returns breakup (Pre-filled)

validate your pre-filled itr1 ay 2021-22
how to file itr1 for ay 2021-22

Step 2: Confirm your Return summary

preview and submit itr 1 for ay 2021-22

Step 3: Verify and submit your return.

What are the documents required that can help taxpayers with their ITR filing for AY 2021-22?

The following documents are required for ITR-1 for AY 2021-22:

Form 16
Form 16A
Form 26AS
Bank Statements
Housing loan Interest Certificates
Receipts for Donations Made
Rental Agreement/ Rent Receipt
Investment premium payment receipt

How can I approach the Income Tax Department in case of any issue with Offline utility?

Income Tax Department – Customer care support

Assessee can reach out to the Income Tax Department on these number(s): 1800 103 0025, +91-80-46122000, +91-80-26500026



    • Dear CP Goel,
      Under the validation step, you have the option to save and confirm each particular separately. If for any reason you opt to leave the offline utility and to resume the same after few days, the saved data will be available in your offline utility under the Draft option as shown in the image.


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