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The relief claimed u/s 89(1) disallowed while processing ITR

As per the Income Tax Act, Relief u/s 89 is to be claimed by the assessee when they are in receipt of any sum in the nature of salary either in advance or being paid as an arrear in any one financial year of salary for more than 12 months or is in the receipt of payment being profit in lieu of salary [section 17(3)], or assessee has received any sum which is in the nature of family pension as per section 57(iia), due to which the assessee total income is assessed at a rate which is higher than the normal tax slab which it would otherwise be assessed.

This relief is not automatically get reflected in the Income Tax Return, the assessee has to claim such relief in the ITR for the respective assessment year to the Assessing officer, upon receiving the application AO shall grant relief as may be prescribed.

how to file claim for relief u/s 89 in your ITR

 Relief shall not allowed in respect of any amount received or receivable by the assessee in the following cases:

  • Voluntary Retirement
  • Termination of his service
  • In accordance with any scheme or schemes of voluntary retirement
  • In the case of a Public sector company as per Section 10(10C)(i), a claim has been filed by the assessee as per section 10(10C)

Note: To avail the benefit of relief u/s 89, filing of Form No. 10E is mandatory. In the case of non-filing of Form No. 10E assessee may be served with a notice from the Income Tax Department and denial of relief.

Claim your relief while filing your Income Tax Return for the relevant assessment year

Step 1:

Claim the amount of relief u/s 89(1) as stated in your Form 16 as shown in the image. Form 16 will contain the exact amount and the calculation thereof in support of relief u/s 89.

relief u/s 89 as per form 16

Annexure in support of relief under section 89(1) will contain:

Annexure to relief u/s 89 as per form 16
  1. Relief u/s 89(1) on spreading of the arrears of salary paid

2. Relief under section 89(1) on spreading of the arrears of salary paid without perquisite value

3. Relief u/s 89(1) on spreading of the arrears of salary paid with perquisite value

4. Calculation of Income Tax Relief u/s 89 of the Income Tax Act

Step 2:

File Form No. 10E, based on the Annexure of relief u/s 89(1)

Procedure to file Form No. 10E

(i) Login to your Income Tax portal and from the dashboard under “e-File”, the assessee has to select Income Tax Forms

File Form No. 10E

(ii) Under Form Name, the assessee has to select “Form No. 10E”, relevant assessment year, and select to prepare and submit online.

Prepare and submit online Form No. 10E

(iii) Submit your Form No. 10E for the relevant assessment year.

Form No. 10E filed successfully

If you have claimed the relief u/s 89(1) in your Income Tax Return for the relevant assessment year, and you have received your intimation u/s 143(1) stating that the department has not considered the relief u/s 89(1), instead Income Tax Department has raised the demand for the relevant assessment year.

relief u/s 89 claimed in itr

You can refer to the below image where the assessee has claimed the relief u/s 89 in his/her Income tax return and Income Tax Department has not considered the same and consequently raised demand on the amount relief plus interest thereon.

claim u/s 89 disallowed

As per Intimation u/s 143(1), there is tax payable.

It may be possible that instead of raising demand Income Tax Department has reduced your Income Tax Refund for the relevant Assessment Year.

If the Income Tax Department has not considered the relief u/s 89(1), it may be because of the reason that the assessee has not filed Form No. 10E on the Income Tax portal.

For Assessment Year 2020-21, you may have receive the below sms from the Income Tax Department in context with the file ITR

Dear Taxpayer, For CMTxxxxx7D and AY: 2020-21 claim of relief u/s 89 of IT Act was disallowed inadvertently. Error is regretted. Order u/s 154 rectifying the intimation would be issued expeditiously.

If you have received such an error that means there is some clerical error from the Income Tax Department end, it says the error is regretted and the order u/s 154 rectifying such error that happened at the income tax department, they will rectify the same by the intimation that would be issued expeditiously.


The taxpayer, in this case, is not required to do anything if they have already filed Form No. 10E and successfully claim the relief in their ITR for AY 2020-21.

If you have not filed Form No. 10E yet, you will have to file the same, and if Form No. 10E has been filed and still the Income Tax Department has not considered the same, follow these steps to file a rectification request.

  1. Login to your Income Tax Portal Dashboard
  • The taxpayer has to select Income Tax Return, under “View e-Filed Returns/ Forms”
income tax india
  • Select the Acknowledgement Number for the relevant assessment year.
select the acknowledgement number for the relevant AY
  • Select “Submit rectification request” link
submit rectification request
  • Intimation u/s 143(1) to be rectified, Select Income Tax and the relevant assessment year.
Select assessment year for rectification
  • Under Request type, select “Return data correction (XML)”
return data correction xml
  • Select a rectification reason “Requesting for cancellation of arrear year demand”
requesting for cancellation of arrear year demand

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  1. सर मै जब रेक्तीफिकेषण करणे जाराहा हु तो असेसमेंट इयर 2020-21 नही दिखा रहा है क्या करणा चाहिये

  2. Thanks sir for this useful information. I received same SMS as you mentioned in your blog. But I wasn’t able to understand my fault. After reading your blog I understood that IT department will rectify this and would be informing me about it later.
    Thanks a lot sir.

  3. Sir arrears mila h lekin form 16 me 89 relief nhi diya gaya h but mere dwara claim kiya gaya h, par relief diye bina itr proccesed ho gaya h, kya mujhe under 89 relief milega ki nhi

    • Dear Naresh,
      Form 16 should have contained the relief amount as well as the computation u/s 89. Form 10E is to be filed on the basis of details as per Form 16. If your Form 16 does not contain the calculation part, then you must reach your accounts department for correction/ Updation of Form 16 and after getting your revised Form 16, revise your ITR.

  4. sir 10e bharte samay jo amount dala jata hai first coloumn me without arrears wo sari deduction hata k matlab taxable income dalte hai..

  5. sir i have submitted 10e and after that itr also filled but the above message also send to me by cpc…what could be the reason and the mail is also not send…

  6. I have received the message relief u/s 89 disallowed inadvertently. error regretted. u/s 154 will be intimated expeditiously. exactly as mentioned by you in the same blog. i received this message on 19th dec 20., but till today i have not been intimated by any messages or mail but in my personal itr account outstanding amount has been displayed.
    so, from the respected CA I would like to know, whether I do have to respond as disagree to the outstanding issue or wait till i receive u/s 154 intimation.
    please suggest, what i should suppose to do
    thank you!

  7. Dear Sir,
    I am getting the below pop-up message after I select the option – Requesting for cancellation of arrear year demand

    Kindly help

  8. Sir,
    I got the same error message as stated above on 19.12.2020 and there was outstanding demand in the portal which was withdrawn automatically a few days later. However yesterday I got the mail for processing of ITR along with Intimation Order in which my relief has not been considered and demand has been raised. But while clicking on the link “Download Intimation Order” in “View e-filed Returns”, it says Intimation Order not available. Please advise what to do in this case.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Got was resived same SMS after that refund was also issued but then after got 143(1) notice for demand tax and cancelled 89(1) benefit. also rectification is not allowed , one more thing is in my Form 16 section 89(1) benefit was not saw so what should i do?

  10. Dear sir,

    in my ITR intimation also relief not considered. instead of refund demand has come… mine is a Early voluntary case.. i have filed form 10E well before the ITR return filing.. please reply

  11. Dear Sir. I received 143(1) demand notice from income tax, and the reason is that the relief u/s 90 is not granted, though I asked for the same in my ITR. Please help. It is urgent


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