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HDFC Mutual Fund Scheme – Registration, Folio, Scheme, Payment

How to Directly Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes - Creation of Folio, Selection of Scheme, Bank registration, SIP/Lumpsum

Online HDFC Mutual Fund is a facility that is offered by HDFC Mutual Fund/ HDFC Asset Management Company Limited. An investor can invest in the HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes directly or through a broker.

Here are the details of Registration and creation of Folio, Selection of Scheme, and Payments option such as SIP or Lumpsum.

An investor can use HDFCMF mobile for investment and tracking purposes. It is always advisable to choose and invest in the scheme as per your need and requirement such as capital appreciation, good income from a portfolio, etc.

The investor should frequently analyze their Mutual Fund Schemes, NAV’s, Performance, Various Ratios, etc. in order to get a clear picture about how your Mutual Fund Scheme is performing and is there any need to switch the scheme or the AMC.

Highest return giving Small Cap Mutual Funds since inception

Do study about the Fund Manager experience, AUM, how long is the scheme active, % return over a period and since inception, % of Equity – Debt in the scheme, risk related to the scheme, compared with the peer scheme, etc.

Open-ended Equity ELSS Tax Saving Fund Performance May 2021

It is to be noted that the expense ratio for Regular Plan is higher as compared to the Direct plan because of fees to Intermediaries by the AMC’s.

An investor can open HDFC Mutual Fund Scheme in the name of Minor under Guardian (Natural/ Legal Guardian). An investor has to comply with their KYC norms with KRA (KYC Registration Agency) under SEBI Regulation 2011.

In the case of a Minor, the Bank account should be in the name of a minor. However, till the account is opened in the name of a minor, the guardian can use his/her account number. HDFC Mutual Fund/ HDFC Asset Management Company Limited will pay the redemption/ IDWE payouts only in the name of the Applicant.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Fund – Tax Saving Fund

The nomination facility under the Minor account will be available only on attaining the majority.

HDFC Mutual Fund maintains the address record of the Investor as per the KRA records.

If the Investor is looking for Long Term gain with a Tax Saving benefit under the MF Scheme, then they can invest in the following Scheme.

Change from 1st April 2021 in names of the Dividend options Schemes

Existing PlanRevised
Dividend Payout optionPayout of Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW) option
Dividend Re-Investment OptionRe-Investment of Income Distribution cum capital withdrawal (IDCW) option
Dividend Transfer planTransfer of Income Distribution cum capital Withdrawal (IDCW)
CategoryScheme Name
DiversifiedHDFC Capital Builder Value Fund
HDFC Dividend Yield Fund
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (Erstwhile HDFC Equity Fund)
HDFC Focused 30 Fund
HDFC Growth Opportunities Fund
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
HDFC Small Cap Fund
HDFC Top 100 Fund
Thematic EquityHDFC Infrastructure Fund
HDFC Housing Opportunity Fund
Equity Linked Savings Scheme ELSSHDFC TaxSaver
HybridHDFC Arbitrage Fund
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund
HDFC Equity Savings Fund
HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund
HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund
HDFC Multi-Asset Fund  
Solution OrientedHDFC Children’s Gift Fund
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund – Hybrid Equity Plan
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund – Hybrid – Debt Plan  
Theme Based DebtHDFC Banking and PSU Debt Fund
HDFC Corporate Bond Fund
HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund
HDFC Dynamic Debt Fund
HDFC Floating Rate Debt Fund
HDFC Gilt Fund

Steps to Register & Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund

How to Register Yourself on HDFC Mutual Fund/ Creation of Folio Number

Step 1:

Visit HDFC MF Website.

Step 2:

Click on “New Investor”. Register yourself as “New Investor Registration” by providing KYC details such as PAN of the Applicant/ Guardian, Date of Birth, and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions as on 3rd June 2021 of HDFC Mutual Fund – Download

Step 3:

Login to your HDFC Mutual Fund Account. User has an option to “Login via Password” or “Log in via OTP”

Step 4:

Create Folio for Yourself or for minor and select the Mode of operation/holding either Single or where MF account is opened in Joint account by anyone or Survivor.

Provide the following Information:

  • Tax Status
  • Income Details
  • PEP Politically Exposed Person
  • FATCA and CRS Information

Step 5:


Nomination facility is available during registering and after Folio has been created.

Step 6:

Add Bank Details using IFSC Code, Bank Name, Account Number.

HDFC AMC will credit Rs.1/- as IMPS to verify the Bank Details, in case of Successful verification there is no need to upload any bank detail support.

In case of a mismatch, the Investor has to upload a valid proof of correct bank details.

Step 7: Review and Confirm the Folio creation details.

Folio Number will get generated upon successful submission of application and the Investor will be asked to Start Investment via SIP or Lumpsum.

How to Invest in a HDFC Mutual Fund Scheme

Start a SIP and mapped your Folio number with your HDFC Mutual Fund account.

Step 8:

Payment under the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Following details required in order to proceed with SIP:

  • Invest through – Investor can select “Direct” if they are applying by their own else distributor
  • Add the Mutual Fund Scheme from the list provided.
  • Specify the amount of SIP on a monthly, quarterly, or daily basis.
  • An investor has to select the payment option either Standing Instruction/ Biller or Register E-mandate (eOTM)
  • Select the Name of Bank for the Standing Instruction
  • Select the Date of First Installment for the respective HDFC Mutual Fund scheme and the End date or the user can choose the default end date which is 2040 as of 3rd June 2021.
  • User has the option to increase their SIP amount and the same can be mention under SIP Top-up details

 Step 9:

Review your SIP registration and agree upon the terms and conditions and complete the transaction.

On successful completion of SIP transaction SRN number will be generated and the user has to register SIP with their respective bank with these simple steps:

  • Add HDFC Mutual Fund as Biller – (Add/Modify Biller)
  • Biller reference number would be the SRN generated above
  • Applicant should register HDFC Mutual Fund with 24 hours of completing the SIP registration on HDFC Mutual Fund.

How to Update Email ID and Mobile number of HDFC Mutual Fund

Steps to update the Email ID and Mobile number are as follows:

  • Login to your HDFC MF Account
  • On the extreme top right of the menu bar, click on “My Profile” under your name
  • Under the Folio Details (2nd Tab), the user has the option to change the phone number, and email id.

Note: User will get OTPs on their both the email id’s.



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