Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Tag: GST refund

How to submit GST VAT Refund grievance to the Department of Trade and Taxes

Registered taxpayers who are eligible for filing the refund application under the VAT/GST Act can apply for a refund grievance to Delhi Goods and...

GST Refund calculations and associated critical Issues

Refund is defined under Section 54 Explanation 1 to Section 54 “Refund” includes refund of: As per Section 54(8) and Circular 125/44/2019 Of tax paid on Zero-rated supplies...

Non-Transmission of Export Invoices, IGST Refund got stuck due to SB errors

IGST Refund got stuck due to Non-Transmission of Export Invoices to ICEGATE from GSTN due to Shipping Bill (SB) Errors SB000, SB001, SB002, SB003,...

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